October Round-up in Five Favourite Blog Posts

Happy Halloween my darlings!

I’m actually not celebrating the spooky season, I went out to a show on Monday (The Tuckshop, review here), and that’ll do me for this year. Usually I get into the vibe and try and do something, but this year she’s not feeling it. And that’s okay! We don’t have to force ourselves to celebrate every single holiday if we don’t want to. Instead I’m going to do some prep work for blogmas, have a delicious snack, and curl up in bed with a good movie. Or I might go out to Chanel No 5’s Speakeasy. She hasn’t quite decided yet.

And like usual, I have gone completely on a tangent away from where I wanted to start. Good work me. Absolutely a*. Anyway. October. That’s what we’re gathered here to talk about. A roundup of my life in the spooky month, and a collection of the best blog posts I read and loved.

First things first, if you’re not new here you will probably have gathered that October wasn’t the best month for me. I spent the majority of it having a right mare with my mental health, and I wrote a lot about it. In fact, I really didn’t write about anything that wasn’t drag or mental health. Swinging from honest chats about relapse and self harm to stupid jokes about the many, many shows I attended. Bit of a day to day rollercoaster, but an accurate representation of what October was actually like for me.

with Kitty Scott-Claus in Reading

with Kitty Scott-Claus in Reading

Having a mental breakdown interspersed with moments of going to drag shows.

Excellent. Wouldn’t have had it any other way. What else happened? Well, not much really. Went to a job interview, didn’t get the job. Found out that I officially passed my first year modules with The Open University. Worked a lot. Went to Devon for a long weekend. Lamented that it was getting too cold, and then that it was getting too hot, and then that it was getting too cold again. Discovered the magic of bodysuits and midi skirts. Visited two new towns for the first time (Reading and Nottingham). Hit 900 followers on Twitter, which is still mind boggling to me. I … actually fit a lot more into the month than I thought I did. Good job me!

Reflecting on October, it was actually a much better one than I thought whilst I was going through it. Which is fairly normal, because in the midst of a mental breakdown it’s often hard to see the light, or imagine that things will ever be okay again. While I’m not out of the woods yet, things are definitely looking up and I’m feeling more positive again by the day. It helped that over the weekend I got out of town, spent a good amount of time just relaxing and recharging alone, and visited my very best friend in Nottingham and we both put ourselves back together a little bit. But here’s to November being a better month all round!

the only mildly spooky look I managed to create all month

the only mildly spooky look I managed to create all month

Moving on. As well as wittering about myself, which we all know I am very good at doing and do way too much, I thought I would include a little roundup of my favourite posts of the last month. That might be because I found them useful in some way, or because I really loved the way they were written, or just because I’m writing this post and I can include anything I want to. I pay for the website, I choose what goes on it. That’s the joy of blogging! Tangent, again. Back to the posts I loved.

Lisa’s Notebook - October In My Garden

It’s safe to say at this point that Lisa’s posts about her garden are quite frankly the best posts on the internet. They are my proverbial happy place, and I just love getting to nose around her garden, seeing what’s flowering, seeing what she’s up to and what jobs she has to do. It’s like Countryfile, but in pictures and words. I don’t really have the words to explain why I love these posts so much when I don’t even have a garden and live in London, but I do. And you should too. Just read it, it’ll do your soul the world of good.

Ruth In Revolt - 50 Blogmas Post Ideas

Yes, bit of an odd one to include. But it was posted in October, and while I love each and every post Ruth writes (really, I just love Ruth), her list of blogmas post ideas has been so ridiculously helpful. It even comes with a free downloadable planner. Literally what more could you want? Nothing.  I’m attempting blogmas this year, and it might all go badly wrong, but at least Ruth and her delightful ideas will point me in the right direction and set me up for the month. If you’re even thinking about doing blogmas, have a little look at Ruth’s post and gather that valuable information.

Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 12.30.35.png

Katedaysaweek - Beginner’s Guide To Skincare

Kate is truly my skincare soulmate, and when I read her beginner’s guide to skincare I could not have agreed more with all her advice. If you don’t know where to start, and you’re inundated with lotions and potions and confused by all the marketing and messaging - read Kate’s post. It breaks down different skin types, differences between dry and dehydration, what you should be doing to keep your skin in top condition, and many many other tips. It’s a comprehensive guide, and one we should all have bookmarked to refer back to.

Lellalee - Life for Women in the Late Medieval Period

Now, this is technically cheating because this is the post the delightful Ashley from lellalee.com wrote for my blog. But. I loved it more than I will ever have words for, because I am a complete slut for the medieval period, and especially the late medieval period. I love it so, so much, and I was over the moon when Ashley wrote this piece for me. If you’ve ever wondered what life was actually like for women in the late medieval period (a time when equality wasn’t on the market), wonder no more and get yourself over to Ashley’s post. It’s fantastic.

Charlotte Underwood - Becoming An Adult With Mental Illness

Charlotte is a fantastic writer, and this piece in particular really resonated with me. As someone who went from being a teenager with mental illness into an adult with mental illness, Charlotte’s experiences are very similar to my own. It’s overwhelmingly hard sometimes to be an adult incapable of dealing with the ‘adult tasks’ in life, when a simple phone call can leave me drained and unable to do anything else for an entire day. If you’ve ever had to experience turning into an adult with the added burden of mental health issues, I urge you to read this piece. It’s gorgeous, and so well written, and so so true.

And finally, a special mention to one of my all time favourite bloggers - the wonderful and hilarious Zara from ZaraLouU. I love her writing style so much, it’s so funny, and I especially love her and her insane use of gifs on twitter. If you do nothing else, follow her there. She’ll brighten up your timeline.

Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 14.17.57.png

And so endeth October, and as we head into the dark depths of November I for one am happy to see the back of the month. November, hit me with everything you’ve got.

Love, Cordelia