Budget Skincare Gift Guide

Our second gift guide of Blogmas! Day six, and we’re tackling once again what is possibly my favourite subject: skincare.

Now, there are a lot of skincare gift sets out there, and a lot of brands ready to make a lot of money from your cold, hard, unsuspecting cash - but which ones are actually worth your time, and which ones are better suited to cleaning the taps with? This is where I, Cordelia, come in. I’ve done the hard work of trawling through the ingredients to make sure you’re not gifting a beloved friend something that will rip their face to pieces. Or alternatively, so you can gift that bitch Becky in the office something that will wreck havoc with her perfect complexion. I’m not here to judge.

This is the first of two skincare gift guides that I will be wanging your way this December. This one will be focusing on budget, but still good, gifts that you can give to a mate or shove in a Secret Santa situation. Or even buy for yourself, because you also deserve lots of presents. The second will be a luxury skincare gift guide, something you might want to gift your mum or your nan or anyone in your life that you actually like a lot.

And when I say budget, I mean that every gift set on this list will be £15 or under, despite there being some nicer brands and some traditional budget brands.

Now, if you’re going out on a limb and looking outside of these suggestions, which I thoroughly suggest you do because this is in no way a comprehensive guide, and skincare is an excellent gift provided you a) know the person’s skin type or b) buy them something suitable for everyone, then I highly suggest shopping around the big beauty websites and seeing what bargains you can nab. They generally carry nicer brands than the ones you can find on the high street. Also - nothing stopping you from buying a few little bits and pieces (nice cleanser, face mask, lovely night cream), and popping them in a little box or bag and making your own personalised gift set.

The skincare world truly is your oyster. On with the show.


Antipodes are a well known brand with some of the most gorgeous packaging out there, and this mini gift set would make a lovely little present for a beloved friend. The mini collection contains a 10ml Divine Face Oil and a 15ml Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream - good little sizes and perfect for all skin types. And especially perfect for this time of year when our poor skin needs all the hydration it can possibly get.

Luxury at a smaller price point. What more could you ask for this Christmas?


Now, full disclosure - I’m not usually a fan of most of MB’s products. However, you cannot go much wrong with a facial spritz and these do contain some lovely ingredients, and nothing that bad. In the trio (all 59ml) you get one with aloe, herbs and rosewater, one with aloe, cucumber and green tea, and one with aloe, chamomile and lavender

It’s a nice little selection, one to hydrate, one to refresh, one to soothe, and perfect for a skincare conscious friend. Or someone who just likes to spray things on their face to cool down and refresh. If you don’t do that, I highly recommend it. You’ll feel like a new person.


Peter Thomas Roth is another well loved, nice brand that have released a reasonably price, good kit for the festive season. It’s probably available all year round, but this is not an all year round gift guide. This is a Christmas gift guide, exclusively for Christmas. Anyway. Containing a 30ml Anti-Aging Cleansing Gel, a 15ml Cucumber Detox Hydrating Bouncy Gel, a 15ml Firmx Peeling Gel, and a 14ml Cucumber Gel Mask Extreme Detoxifying Hydrator, this is perfect for anyone in your life who is over the age of 25. And good for pretty much all skin types too, focusing as it does so much on hydrating.


You cannot have a skincare gift guide without face masks. Mainly because that’s all anyone seems to release in a well priced kit. Anyway. Nugg offer a range of different masks, with each costing just under four big ones. Pick up a couple of these, pop them in a cute little bag or box, stick them under the tree. Bob is your uncle, Fanny is your downstairs area. There’s masks for all types of skin, including anti-aging and hydrating, so you really can’t go wrong. If it does go wrong, I didn’t say that.


If you’re a person on the internet in any capacity, you have no doubt heard of GLAMGLOW. You probably also know that they’re bloody expensive. However - this little kit of two travel size bestsellers (SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment and SUPERCLEANSE Cleanser) is only fourteen smackers and therefore cheap enough to gift to someone you don’t like all that much. Go on. Treat them.


Nothing overly exciting here, just three good products from a well known brand. Perfect stocking filler/secret santa/present for that irritating little cousin you don’t really want to buy for but you know your grandma will kick off if you don’t. Micellar water, moisturiser, lip balm. Jobs a gooden. If they don’t like the products, it comes packaged in a nice little wash bag. That’s their present.


I mean. Does it get much cheaper than two whole english pounds. No, not really. A small giftset containing a body exfoliator and a body cream - from Superdrug’s Vitamin E range, which is a gorgeous range for dry and irritated skin - this is perfect to stick on the tree or down someone’s stocking. And no, that is not a euphemism. Unless you want it to be.


I’ve linked to the combination kit because that’s the one that’ll probably suit the most people, but L’Oreal Paris also do two more kits - one for sensitive skin and one for dry skin. Pick and choose at your will, whatever the person you are buying for needs. Containing a fine flowers cleanser, a sugar scrub, and a hydra genius aloe moisturiser (I really bloody love the cleanser and the moisturiser, they’re both so light but hydrating), this makes for a really lovely little gift set - especially if the person you’re buying for doesn’t really have a skincare routine.

And there you have it. A short guide to some of the more budget skincare gift options, sans any of the nasties. If nothing else, take from this post this - do not buy anyone the St Ives skincare gift sets. They will do nothing but abuse your poor skin and hurt it more than Rose letting go of Jack. Just say no. (Unless, of course, you’re buying for that bitch Becky. Then by all means, go ahead).

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Love, Cordelia