Why Christmas Is My Favourite Time Of Year

Ahh, the festive season.

It’s that time that I spend the entire year looking forward to, and then goes entirely too quickly and before you know it it’s January 2nd and back to work. Reality sucks. Living in a bubble of cheese and chocolate and cocktails is where I want to be on the daily. In fact, better than the big day itself is the post-Christmas, pre-New Years foggy period where us cushy office workers don’t have to go to work (I save up holiday specifically so I can take the entire two weeks off), and can just lounge around drinking various festive bevs - with or without alcohol, that bit is up to you (personally, cannot go wrong with a tot of Bailey’s in a hot choc) -, watching movies, taking long walks in the bitter cold, and just generally having a blast.

I love it more than any other time of the year.

I can forget about any and all adult responsibilities I have, I tend to go back home down to Devon where the pace of life is a lot slower and I can catch up with old friends I might not have managed to see much throughout the year, and it’s our special family time. We down phones and computers as much as possible to snuggle on the sofa with movies, fall out over various games, and go visiting the grandparents who always does the best roasts.

I know I’m very lucky to be able to experience the festive season in this manner. I’m very lucky to have the incredible family that I do, with traditions that date back to when I was a baby. I don’t take any of this for granted, and there will be a post later on this month all about how you can give back at Christmas, to those who are less fortunate and don’t have the family or the same experience.

But that post is not today. Today is all about why I love the festive period so much, and my favourite things to do during Christmas time to celebrate this most magical time of year.

The run up to Christmas is almost just as fun. Everything slows down a little bit, work stops being so manic, Christmas jumpers are acceptable, everywhere is doing special food and drinks that are always that much nicer than the ordinary ones, it’s acceptable to eat a lot of cheese and crackers, people keep bringing chocolates into the office, and Christmas markets are a thing.

Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 21.28.20.png

I’m lucky enough to live in London, and therefore my closest Christmas market is that magical place known as Winter Wonderland. Also a horrendous place if you go at the wrong time, with tourists crowding every corner. But. I still love it. I love pottering around all the little shops crammed with trinkets and soaps and paper stars, I love drinking hot apple cider and eating hot chips with plenty of cheese, I love looking at the rides and asking everyone ‘how do they do it?! That looks awful!’. I love everything about Winter Wonderland. Even the fact that truthfully, it is a bit shit.

The best markets I ever went to were back in 2014, when I went on a college trip to Berlin the week before Christmas. German Christmas markets are the best Christmas markets you will ever go to, and I highly recommend making a trip over there during the festive period. They have the most delightful little shops - like this one tiny hut that was crammed with Christmas tree ornaments -, and delicious bratwurst for you to munch on as you mooch around. I love Berlin anyway, it’s one of my favourite cities in the world, but it becomes just that little bit more special during the wintertime.

Lights too! I love nothing more than walking down Regent Street and Oxford Street during this time of year just for the lights. Late at night though. God help you if you try and brave that section of London during the day, particularly at this time of year. You will end up regretting every decision you’ve ever made, and you will end up wanting to stab that lady in Selfridges in the eye with an expensive pointy heel. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Do yourself a favour, and do your Christmas shopping online. Although, the lights down Carnaby Street this year take the absolute biscuit for me. They are stunning.

Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 21.28.31.png

There is also something about the festive season weather that just warm the cockles of my heart too - whilst also freezing my extremities because I don’t entirely understand how to dress for the cold. There is nothing better than a day that is sunny and bright and cold, with that crisp chill in the air that gets right down into your lungs and blows away all the cobwebs. Back in Devon, we go for plenty of tramps over the moors and walks down the woods by the river, get absolutely freezing cold, and then come home to warm radiators, blankets, hot chocolates, crumpets, and movies all afternoon. The simplicity of it is magical, and it’s one of the absolute best ways to spend time all together as a family. Even if we never can decide what walk to go on. (I like the witches path walk - when I was younger, when we passed through the gates I used to make up story after story about the witches who lived in the trees and rocks of the forest).

There is, quite literally, nothing about the festive season that I don’t enjoy. Give me all of it. Stick me on the sofa, pop a roast in front of me, and I’ll be a content bun for the rest of time and eternity. Christmas has retained it’s magic as I’ve gotten older, in part thanks to my parents for trying so hard to give us an incredible Christmas experience, and I will be forever grateful for that. And grateful to my boss, for putting me in charge of the office Christmas.

Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 17.00.27.png

Sort of. Clare and I are. But he might regret it come the Christmas party. I’ve got my two favourite queens booked as the entertainment (Kitty Scott-Claus and Ophelia Love), I’m forcing everyone to come in heroes or villains fancy dress, and I’m turning the office into a complete winter wonderland as soon as December hits. Everyone is going to hate me. I am going to have the best time ever.

What do you like/dislike about Christmas? Are you a fan of the season, or do you wish it was the new year already?

Love, Cordelia