June Favourites || Beauty, Skincare, Life

The question on everybody's lips right now? 'How the bloody hell are we halfway through the year already?!?!?!'

It is, to be quite frank, madness. This year seems to have slipped from beneath us like quicksand from the unfortunate traveller - although that, from what I can gather, is actually quite a slow process. Whatever. The metaphor still stands. 

We're in June. We're very nearly in July. And now I've just had to check that it is definitely the end of June because I feel a slight hysteria creep up on me and I was momentarily lost. That is how fast this year has gone. It's June 29th and I was back in May. To be completely honest, I was back in the snows we had in February and March. Although that's more wistful thinking, because the one thing that is for sure not a favourite of mine is this heatwave we're currently experiencing in the UK. Great when you're on a beach and can loll from sea to towel and back again. Not so great when you have to tackle London's fabulous transportation system. That seemingly doesn't believe in aircon.

Image sourced from Caroline's  blog

Image sourced from Caroline's blog

But favourites! I've been trying a lot of new things this past month, namely in the name of skincare. Which brings me in a nice little segue to my first favourite: Caroline Hirons. Bit of a cop out to have a literal person as your favourite? Quite possibly. However, Caroline, her blog, and her Facebook group have all been extremely enabling this month as I've spent approximately 88% of my time researching, and the rest of it buying, all the skincare bits and bobs Caroline recommends. It's bloody brilliant, I've never loved slapping stuff all around my face so much.

Following on from Caroline, I've been really enjoying the 'less is more' approach to my everyday makeup recently, which was borne out of complete laziness. I love makeup. I have stacks and stacks of the stuff, and love nothing more than spending hours and hours luxuriating over a Look. However, in the weekday mornings I just want to smudge, smear, and run. And so I've been experimenting with 'quick' makeup, or the Glossier look without any Glossier products. The two best things I have found in this vein is the MAC Studio Waterweight SPF 30 foundation in NW15, and the MAC Mineralise Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle. I picked both of them up from ASOS (give me that next day delivery and Klarna payment - it's almost like it was free! Except it wasn't. I have to pay for them on payday), with the foundation being £27.50 here and the Skinfinish being £25.50 here.

MAC waterweight serum foundation and MAC mineralize skinfinish soft and gentle.jpg

MAC's Mineralise Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle will probably not be a new thing to anybody. I am firmly on the late train to this game. But boy, what a cracking game it is. I've never found a highlight-type product before now that truly gives that ethereal, lit from within glow that more and more people seem to crave these days. It's a beautifully soft powder that blends like a goddamn dream and has good staying power. Highly, highly recommend if you've never tried it before.

The foundation, however, was one I've not come across before. I've been a loyal Studio Sculpt fan (NC15) for years, but the coverage is just too heavy for what I wanted. So when I stumbled across the foundation on ASOS, and read the description, I was immediately intrigued, and immediately bummed it wasn't available in NC15. Figuring I had nothing to lose (and everything to gain), I ordered it in NW15 anyway and I've never looked back. Of course now, it is available in NC15, but that is the price you pay for being impatient. I actually find NW15 to be a really good match for me in this formulation, which - as the name suggests - is really light and serum-y, but in the best kind of way. Application is with a pipette, which makes me feel like a mad scientists, but this does have a slight drawback in that you do end up with some product getting on the opening of the bottle, which is a slight waste. But it's not so much of a problem that it puts me off it. Full review to come, I bloody love this stuff.

Above swatch: MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle

Finally, in a more sort of 'life' category, the last thing I've really been enjoying this month is Monzo. It's a bank account, but not as you know bank accounts. It is, for want of a better word, a 'millennial' bank account in that everything is run via the app, and it's really goddamn pleasant to use. I think there's a waiting list, my friend Ali gave me a golden ticket when I got mine so I skipped straight to the head of the queue and got my account opened and card sent immediately, but it's worth the initial annoyance. Again, full review to follow, once I've used it a little more and gotten used to all the features. 

And so that it is for June! I had meant to write more but when the tough got toast I could only really think that I'd truly 100% enjoyed the four things mentioned above. And that is what favourites are about. The things that you can say unequivocally have been great. With a capital G and a r8. 

Ta-ra for now!