Skincare Sunday || Body Shop, REN, Clinique, Clarins and more

Good morning, good evening, good afternoon, welcome to skincare Sunday. This will be a nice little weekly segment where I photograph everything I slap around my visage on a Sunday, pop it on the blog, and we can all have a jolly old time. Seeing people's routines is one of my favourite skincare things, and often helps me to know where to stick stuff. I also get inspiration for new products to try, which inevitably ends up with a midnight Cult Beauty trawl, and then the next day regret when I wake up and smell the roses. Or, y'know, the sound of money leaving my poor bank account.

Anyway. It's July 1st, I've been working on bits and bobs all day, but I still smooshed delicious products around my face (and down the neck, and to the tits. Seriously. Follow Caroline Hirons and take her advice). 

AM - Get the sweat off, get the good stuff on

  1. Clinique Fresh Pressed Powder Cleanser with Pure Vitamin C - £24 here
    I love this stuff. I picked up the 7 day system last week, and I've been using the cleanser every morning. It's the nicest morning cleanser I've tried so far, and really wakes my skin up and makes it look brighter. Lovely stuff. It's also fun to use, honestly. Get your hands wet, tip the powder out, mix up a storm, slap it on your face, flannel off. Job done, and you feel a little bit like a scientist.
  2. Clinique Clarifying Lotion 2 - £28 for 400ml here 
    It was actually my first time using the clarifying lotion today, so not much to report. It's very menthol-y, does a good job at making the skin feel ready for product, and just generally made my skin feel even cleaner. 
  3. Pixi Skintreats Vitamin Wakeup Mist - £16 for 80ml here
    I've been using this stuff religiously for a couple weeks now, and it's lush. It sprays nicely, it smells gorgeous, and it really does wakeup my skin. I was skeptical, but I can really see a difference before and after. Maybe it's just a placebo affect, but it's a very welcome one. Highly recommended.
  4. The Body Shop Elderflower Unperfumed Cooling Eye Gel - £8.50 for 15ml here
    Nice, if a little underwhelming. I did only pick this up yesterday, and it did feel really nice on my tired eyes at the end of the day, so I shall persist.
  5. Botanics All Bright Radiance Concentrate Serum - £8.99 for 30ml here
    Just a really nice serum for the day. Tops off all the brightening things I've been doing previously in the routine, absorbs nicely, does a good job, not too spenny. 
  6. REN Evercalm Global Protection Day Cream - £32 for 50ml here
    Another recent purchase, not much to report. The nice M&S lady did say this is REN's bestseller, so we'll see if it lives up that. Nice cream, nice to use, good packaging.
  7. Clinique Fresh Pressed Serum - £58 here
    I've been popping two drops of this into my morning moisturiser and I think I'm beginning to see the benefits. Full review to come.
  8. Sanctuary Spa Radiance Illuminating Moisture Lotion SPF 15 - £2.99 for 15ml here
    Again, recent purchase. Again, nothing to report. I liked it, I think it will be nice for days when I'm mostly inside at work and just want some sun protection
PM Routine

PM - Get it all off, get it all on again

  1. Double Cleanse: Body Shop Vitamin E Cream Cleanser, Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Tamarind - £8 for 250ml here and £20 for 150ml here
    Nice combination. One to remove, one to cleanse. The Body Shop cream cleanser is nice and light for the summer, but does a good job. The Clarins cleanser feels delightful, and does a good job of cleansing the skin. Nice.
  2. REN Ready, Steady, Glow Daily AHA Tonic - £25 for 250ml here
    Again, recent purchase. I picked this up because I've noticed my skin not getting on with glycolic acid recently, and whilst this is still an AHA (alpha-hydroxy acid), it's lactic instead. A lot gentler, really nice packaging, didn't notice any adverse reactions when I used it. Hefty bottle too.
  3. Sukin Hydrating Mist Toner - £7.95 for 125ml here
    With rosewater and chamomile, this is a really lovely hydrating and calming mist, and just feels nice at the end of a long day. Nothing nasty, not that expensive.
  4. The Body Shop Elderflower Unperfumed Cooling Eye Gel
    As above, so below
  5. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Supercharged Booster - £14.99 for 30ml here
    The Hydro Boost collection is a really lovely one. I've tried several products and loved them all. All formulated with hyaluronic acid, they do a lovely job of hydrating the skin. Not too expensive either.
  6. Botanics Nourishing Facial Oil with Rosehip - £11.49 for 25ml here
    Really lovely oil, absorbs nicely, smells good. I really enjoy using this at the end of the day.
  7. The Body Shop Seaweed Oil-Control Overnight Gel - £14 for 30ml here
    A lovely lightweight gel that makes for a really nice night treatment on nights when I don't want anything that heavy on my face, especially in this heat we're experiencing at the moment.

That's it for this week! It's a lot of product, but it's also worth it. My skincare routine is one of the best parts of the day at this point, I don't quite know what I'd do without it. Not know when to wake up or go to bed, probably.

Have you used any of these products? What are your skincare must haves?