Friction Free Shaving VS Dollar Shave Club || Beauty Wars

I must admit something. And I know, for sure, I'm not the only one who feels this way.

Shaving is the worst beauty related task known to humankind - I will argue this fact until the cows have come home and left again - and I've been known to go literal months without even so much as looking at a razor/hair removal cream. I'm quite lucky in that I'm naturally fair and so my hair isn't that dark, but even so it all does tend to get bushy. But most of the time, I would rather be a wise woman of the forest than spend an extra fifteen minutes on hair removal. 

Add in the fact that decent razors are extortionately expensive, and you have yourself for a recipe of 'nah, not this side of the grave'. To be perfectly clear - what you do with the hair on your body is absolutely your choice. Shave it, wax it, use Veet, leave it, cultivate it like a garden and trim it into fun shapes - whatever floats your boat.


Personally, I do prefer a hairfree look. I mostly like it because I enjoy wriggling around in bed like an ethereal seal, and having too much hair on my legs does (for some odd reason) make wearing tights a lot more painful. But 9 out of 10 times, you will find me clad head to foot in a forest.

However, the rise of the newish shave box subscriptions have got me intrigued. Perhaps I would be more likely to get rid of the hair if I already had a razor and blades on hand, and didn't need to worry about popping to Tescos to buy them. But when I came to choose between the two I had seen marketed towards me - Friction Free Shaving and the Dollar Shave Club - I had no idea which of the two would be better for what I needed, and couldn't find anything out there comparing them.

And so I have done the donkey work instead, and ordered both at the beginning of the month. I've been trialling them ever since, and today will pitch them against each other through the medium of assigning categories and giving them a number out of 10 for performance in each category to find out which shaving subscription box is the victor! Oh what fun we are having. Don your best togas and on-wards, dear friends, to the fight.

First things first: I shave legs, arms, underarms, and face. I used the razor on all these areas because I am a floor dwelling gremlin.



Friction Free Shaving

Offering some flexibility in pricing - a choice of either £5 a month for a plastic handle and 3 blade razor, or £9 a month for a stainless steel handle in either rose gold or silver and a 6 blade razor - I plumped for the £9 one that most closely matched the Dollar Shave Club option. Plus I really love rose gold. There's no other compulsory initial cost, but there's also no nice incentive to get you to sign up. It arrived first, within three days of ordering, and was nicely packaged in a letterbox friendly box and came with a blade protector (that I will no doubt lose). The ongoing cost will be a further £9 a month for four blades (one for each week), so on par with what you can get in the shops.

RATING - 7/10

Dollar Shave Club

Also offer some flexibility in pricing - twin blade for £3 a month, 4 blade for £6 a month, or 6 blade for £8 a month - I went for the starter kit option. The first month is £5, and it contains a handle, four 6 blade heads, and an 86g sample of their shave butter. Ongoing costs are £8 for four 6 blade heads, but the starter kit is a much nicer way to kick off the subscription deal, and feels like you're getting a little bit more. It arrived second, but still within the week, and was nicely packaged in a small brown box.

RATING - 9/10



Friction Free Shaving

It's rose gold. I love rose gold. I am very much biased in this category. The rose gold finish is beautiful, and the underside is a more millennial pink rubber for good grip in the shower. It's nice and weighty, and a good length. I like the handle a lot.

RATING - 9/10

Dollar Shave Club

It's not rose gold. 

However, the silver finish is very nice, and the handle itself feels really good in the hand. A very practical bathroom tool, and clearly very 'masculine'. 

RATING - 8/10


Friction Free Shaving

6 blades on the front, bikini styling built into the back (I will admit I've not tried out this feature because trying to even tame the garden is a mammoth task I will never, ever have the time for), a lubricating vitamin E strip for extra gliding. A pretty standard size for a 'ladies' razor, lasts the entire week, glides nicely on the skin. A good job all round, and definitely worth the price. Flexible, if you like that kind of thing. Sharp enough to do the job with minimal effort on your part. Gentle enough on the face. 

RATING - 7/10

Dollar Shave Club

Also 6 blades on the front with a 'trimmer on the back for the professional'. I'm guessing the trimmer is designed for beards, but there's no reason why you couldn't use it on your downstairs garden if that tickles your pickle. Also with a vitamin E, chamomile, and lavendar lubricating strip. Very similar, but also very different. The head is a lot bigger than the FFS head, and I actually prefer it this way. Bigger surface area means more hair gone in each swipe and means less time spent on hair removal. I also prefer the way this one sits in the handle and moves. It really is the little thing. I also think the blades are sharper - I cut myself twice on the legs and never even realised, but they were so tiny and insignificant I'd forgotten about them by the time I'd left the shower. Nice and gentle on the face. Good all rounder.

RATING - 8.5/10



Friction Free Shaving

I bought their shave cream to compare it to the Dollar Shave Club butter that came with the starter kit, but honestly? For £6 it's not really worth it. It's got some lovely ingredients in it - shea butter, manuka honey, coconut oil - but it's quite thick. Nice to shave with, but when you glide the razor up your legs you then have to battle to try and rinse the bloody stuff out of the razor. Too much faff for too much money. If you like a creamy consistency but don't mind the faff, just use some cheap conditioner. Otherwise, stick to shower gels you already have, or cheap shaving foams etc. I honestly have only used this stuff twice before consigning it to the back of my skincare drawer.

RATING - 4/10. Save your money.

Dollar Shave Club

This does have a similar consistency to the FFS shave cream, honestly. I'm sure for blokes with facial hair it works a treat though, because it is designed to soften hair and give a good shave - but much like above, it's so thick it takes a while to get the stuff out of the blade. Too much faff for me, I like a quick rinse. And with the amount of facial hair I have, I don't need a separate product. Nice to get in the starter kit, nothing to write home about.

RATING - 5.5/10


The most interesting thing about this whole shaving box experience is the way each product is marketed. Clearly the FFS (which, by the way, means I will never not call this the 'for fuck's sake' razor) is marketed towards women, and the DSC is marketed towards men. And honestly. In this day and age, do we need to market a fucking razor blade in such a binary way, especially when our nonbinary friends might feel excluded? The answer is: no we do not.

37318009_10204992873657250_6126767239971471360_n (1).jpg

The advert for the DSC that I saw actually featured a woman shaving her legs, and so clearly the DSC are happy for anyone of any and all genders to use their product, which begs the question: why be so aggressively masculine? And the same with the FFS - it's all so pink and white and pretty when, at the end of the day, all it does is remove the hair on your body. The same as any razor does.

And, as far as I can tell, other than the difference in handle and head size, there's nothing much between the two razors. Please, big shaving companies, can we have a shave box subscription that makes everyone feel welcome, no matter where they fall on the gender spectrum? It's really not that much to ask. We all just want to crack on removing hair or not removing hair, depending on our personal preference. Cheers.

(Yes I realise I harped on about how much I love rose gold earlier on, but personal preference people. Give me a box where everyone feels like they can choose the rose gold handle if they so wish, without the aggressively feminine marketing. The website does not have to be pink, white and marble, or blue, orange and black. Do not even get me started on the name's of the razors. Feminine names like Rose for the 'ladies', and a razor called the 'Executive' for the 'blokes'? Absolutely not.)


Dollar Shave Club: 31/40

Friction Free Shaving: 27/40



Cue screaming crowds, fireworks, and them party poppers that I still hate. But when it comes down to it - personal preference. There's really not much difference in performance or blade. So if you, like I do, prefer a bigger head to get the job done quicker, the DSC is probably the one for you. If you lust over rose gold and don't mind about size (oo-er), crack on with the FFS.

How do you feel about shaving? Have you used any of the subscription boxes? Which one would you go for - DCS or FFS?

Love, Cordelia