What's On My Desk || Work Edition

I am insanely nosy. I love getting little snapshots into people's lives with posts and videos like 'what's in my bag' or 'my summer makeup bag'. They not only tell you a lot of cool stuff about the people behind them, but it's often good inspiration for how to organise your own bag or desk or car or room. Unfortunately however, this post will probably not tell you how to organise your own desk because I am notoriously untidy, but it will probably make you go 'why the fuck does she have that on her desk?'. At least, that's what my colleagues often say when they come over to have a nosy.

There is no rhyme or reason to the shit that is on my desk, or the shit that is under my desk. It's usually just stuff I've brought in for no apparent reason and then just left, loitering, never to be seen again until I a) do this post or b) leave my job and have to pack everything. 

I try and pile up everything to the left, so that I can angle myself to the right and ignore the ever growing mountain. 


At the very bottom of the pile is some old, old bank statements that I will never need again this side of the grave but haven't yet stuck in the shredder because, to be quite frank, I am very much too lazy. Weighing down the statements is the first of many notebooks (this one a fetching A4 size) that I think I used once, and have never been able to muster up the strength to dig it out again.

Piled on top of the A4 notebook are three more A5 notebooks - one that I did use frequently for the first few months of employment, one that I've never even opened, and one that I used as a daily diary for about 0.3 seconds before abandoning. For someone who works in a tech company and should be tech savvy, my desk is the place where notebooks come to die.


Hidden in amongst the notebook graveyard is a mostly empty book of sticker, some drawings of all my favourite drag queens that was made by my good friend Mikey - check his art out here - and a queer zine called Side Effects that I have a poem in. The art and the zine are my two most prized posessions - but I barely ever even look at them because they are buried. That tells you everything you need to know about my care of things that are very precious to me. I have ruined 4 kindles and two iPads. Do not give me your stuff.


At the moment I also have a makeup bag loitering on top of the notebooks, nail glue, an empty Logitech mouse box, and a tupperware container (clean) that I was supposed to take home months ago...

Beside the graveyard is my tea collection. It is a hefty collection. I went through a spell of drinking multiple cups of herbal tea everyday in a bid to do something nice for myself, but soon gave that up. My desk is as far from the kitchen as you can possibly get, and I'm just not prepared to make that kind of commitment. And so the tea collection lingers, mocking me. I've just glanced over and there's actually a bracelet loitering in the tea stash that I thought I lost ages ago. So there's that.

There's also some honey (for lemsip), a unicorn mug that needs washing, various PR materials I should probably organise, blister plasters, empty chewing gum packets, and a travel mug left over from when I had good intentions of actually making tea in the morning and bringing it in. That lasted all of one day.


To the right of me isn't much - just my diary, my headphones (wireless rose gold Juice ones, I actually really rate them), and a water bottle. Be impressed though - for the first time in my adult life I have found a diary system that works so well for me I've used it nearly every day since I bought it from Tescos for a fiver back at the beginning of January. It's a mess of daily to do lists, anecdotes about life, and stickers, but it works! I like to hide things in the diary too. At the moment I believe there's a signed print of Meth (drag queen), Joe Black (also drag queen), notes from three other drag queens (Biblegirl, Rubberchild, and Lisa Limbaugh), a tarot card, and two angel cards. It's really better if you don't ask.


The last thing on my desk is my laptop. Usually I use a gold MacBook Air (it's the love of my life, we're in a long lasting affair and I never want to give her up), but she's currently on the blink and refusing to turn on or charge. So right now I'm using my old girl, she's a bit of a dinosaur and very temperamental (if you touch her in the wrong way she will turn off), but she works.


And that, I believe, is everything. A mixed bag, if you will. Other desk essentials include: hand cream, post it notes, pens with and without lids, cans of coffee, bottles of coke, angel cards, pendulum, and glitter. Under the desk, I hear you ask? An empty Clinique X ASOS box, and a bag filled with clothes. I think there's some leggings, a dress, and some shorts in there. Don't ask. Oh, and some old silver shoes I absolutely loathe. Good.

What's on your desk? Do you like to keep it tidy or is it a mess of different life things?

Love, Cordelia