Masque Bar Gentle Exfoliating Foot Mask || Review

I am bitter, and I am a skeptic. Not great personality traits, I grant you, but they do come together to stop me from buying the latest 'wonder' product because I'm really reluctant to spend the money if I don't know I'm going to see results. (Spending money on products I do know work, however, is a completely different matter. Will spank everything I have on those). In that vein, it's taken me a while to debate whether or not to try the exfoliating foot socks everyone has been obsessed with for what seems like months now.

It was until at work my fellow skeptic Anouska mentioned that she'd used them and really enjoyed them that I finally caved and bought a pair when I did my recent haul. You can find that post hereI picked up the Masque Bar version for £9.99 in Boots, but you can find them all over the internet. ASOS do a good range of them, including the Oh! K Peeling Foot Mask for £8.50, the Starskin Magic Hour Foot Masks for £11.50, the Nails Inc version for £9.00, and a Kocostar version for £8.00.

The MasqueBar socks contain a mixture of botanical fruit extracts and chamomile to exfoliate, soothe, and soften your feet. They also contain 2 alpha-hydroxy acids (lactic and glycolic), and 1 beta-hydroxy acid (salicylic), along with urea to hydrate, to really get in there and do a good job of removing all the delicious dead skin from your feet. It's the acids that really work together to make the magic happen - both BHA's and AHA's are so good at sloughing away dead skins cells and encouraging your skin to do good things.


So I knew from the off that the masks contained good things that would, if nothing else, probably make my feet a little softer, but I was still skeptical that the magic skin peeling away from your foot bit would actually happen. They are delayed reaction - the skin doesn't start peeling until a few days afterwards - and so for a while there you do think you have been conned. But boy was I surprised when I got back from work one day and my little feeties were beginning the peel process.

These kinds of exfoliating masks are a commitment - when you first use them, you are basically trapped in one position for 90 minutes (not that that's a hardship), and when the skin starts peeling it takes a few days for it to stop. As I write this I'm on day 4 or 5 of the peeling, and it's still slightly going. The other problem I found is that I'm rather large of foot (I wear a size 8, and generally have to shop in the wide fit section of shoe stores), and I found that I could only just about manage to shove my trotter in the slightly flimsy plastic bag and get them covered in the exfoliating mix. I don't know if other companies make their socks bigger, but it's something to bear in mind with the MasqueBar version if your hoofs are as big as or bigger than mine.

But honestly? It's worth the faff. 


My feet feel so much softer than before (and trust me, I basically had leather for feet. Product of growing up barefoot in Devon), and my cracked heels are nearly a thing of the past. Thank god. I've never been worried about my feet, but now I almost feel proud. I'm ready to stick on a brightly coloured polish (suggestions on a post card please, I have no idea which colour to plump for), and dance my way round London sans socks and shoes. Cracking.


  • Deliciously soft feet that you might want to start rubbing all over everyone to prove how soft they are
  • Ability to prance around showcasing said feet
  • The slightly disgusting, but really bloody
    satisfying peeling of the dead skin (helped along by your fingers, if you so wish)
  • Can justify buying nice nail polish to put on your nice toes
  • Less expensive than a pedicure


  • Dead skin literally everywhere if you don't keep them caged
  • Inability to move anywhere for 90 minutes after putting them on
  • It's just a messy process honestly
  • You have to do it yourself - none of this nice 'kick back and think of England as a lovely nail tech does all the work for you'
  • You'll have to repeat the whole process again a couple months down the line

Have you tried any of these exfoliating foot mask jobbys? Did they work for you?

Love, Cordelia