Three Perfect Dusky Rose Liquid Lips || Sugarpill, Jeffree Star, Wet N Wild

When I put in a Beauty Bay order last week, I only actually meant to order some ABH Dip Brow. However, if you can actually go to that website and only order one product, you have more self restraint than I will ever have. I actually ended up putting in quite a hefty order, including four different lip products. In my head, this was an excellent idea as they were by different brands and all different colours, and my lip products are the one area that has been lacking for a while. There was absolutely no way this could go wrong.

This absolutely went wrong.


Imagine my surprise when, after eagerly ripping open the brown box emblazoned with the Beauty Bay logo, three out of the four new lip products were all eerily similar in colour. Apparently, in my makeup haze, I'd managed to order three new dusky rose shades which, as my favourite lip colour, is something I already had in abundance. The bright side of this is at least they are three lip products I knew instantly would suit me and I would love, but I had tried so hard to branch out and buy three new shades to try! Moral of the story: don't online shop in haste. Take your time, and really compare everything you're buying.

Which brings me to the point of this post (and the way I've been able to justify the lip colours in my head): I now have a selection of dusky rose colours that are all at slightly different price points and have slight variations in colour for your perusal. It's one of those shades that really does suit nearly everyone, and should be a staple in your every day makeup bag. It's no nonsense, easy to wear, and goes with pretty much everything. If you don't own a shade like this already, time to rectify that situation!

Before we get into the liquid lips themselves, a word on my photos: I took photos of the colours on my actual lips for more accurate swatching, but this does highlight how wonky my bottom lip is. No, I'm really not that shit at applying the colour, but I fell down the stairs when I was younger and my lip has never been the same since. I usually overdraw one side to compensate, but for some reason  decided not to do that here.


wet n wild MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick - Rebel Rose - £5 

"An intense matte liquid lipstick.
What glides on like butter, feels like a second skin and won't budge? Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick! Made with glammed out superpowers, it goes on glossy yet transforms into a highly-pigmented matte finish with some serious staying power."
                                                   - Description from Beauty Bay website

The cheapest option of the three, wet n wild recently launched on Beauty Bay to the great excitement of all those in the UK who had seen various beauty bloggers rave about new collections, including the Photofocus Foundation (which I also picked up, and will eventually be doing a full review on). I wanted to pick up the liquid lip - which it is, even if wet n wild describe it as a lipstick - because it's significantly cheaper than iconic options like Jeffree Star, but comes packaged in a similar component and with a small, but beautiful range of shades.

Rebel Rose is a gorgeous dusky rose pink, and I was instantly drawn to it. Which makes sense, because apparently I was drawn to a similar colour two more times. I digress. It looks gorgeous in the tube (which, whilst not feeling as luxe as the other two, gets the job done with a simple black lid and black writing on the tube), and the swatches on the website are gorgeous. 

The colour translates onto the lip perfectly,. and whilst it looks slightly more patchy in my swatches, this isn't a problem on the actual lip and the soft formula glides on perfectly and dries down pretty quickly, transforming from glossy to matte without feeling like it's overly drying. There's no discernible smell, and really nothing I can fault it for considering it costs a mere fiver.

Staying power is reasonable, as you would expect from such an affordable product. It didn't hold up during my (very scientific) test of eating a sugary ring doughnut and I would have had to reapply afterwards, but that was what I expected. It does last well through drinking, and would probably hold up to food that doesn't get all over your lips and require licking off. See, told you we were going scientific here!

I highly recommend this lip colour if you're looking for a reasonably priced dusky pink colour and aren't too worried about staying power - it's really foolproof, and the formula is so gorgeous I would recommend having a browse of the entire range.


Sugarpill Cosmetics Liquid Lip Colour - Trinket - £14 

"A creamy liquid lipstick.
With a mousse-like formula, Sugarpill's Liquid Lip Colour is beautifully fragranced and extremely lightweight. Drying to a matte finish, each lipstick is Creamsicle scented, ultra-pigmented and super long lasting. Using the doe-foot applicator provided, line and fill the lips with ease and precision."

I am a huge fan of Sugarpill Cosmetics. Founded by Amy Doan in 2010, Sugarpill is a favourite of drag queens, people in the club scene, and anyone who loves a vibrant makeup product. I have their Little Twinstars collection, and I just bloody love it. Trinket, the shade I ordered last week, was the first liquid lip Sugarpill launched and it's still so popular. 

Trinket is described as a matte mauve, and it has an innovative formula in that when it dries down there is gold sparkle running through the colour, and for that reason alone Trinket is my favourite lip colour of the bunch. More expensive that wet n wild, but still reasonably affordable, the colour is just so gorgeous on the lip. It's so wearable, despite have the gold sparkles, and adds a little something extra to your look without going overboard or being office inappropriate. I've been reaching for this colour the most, honestly.

The product has what they describe as a 'creamsicle' scent when you apply it, but this is soon gone and doesn't linger. I really like the scent, although it is really quite sweet and almost sickly, and I also really enjoy shoving the wand in other people's faces and making them smell it. The formula itself is really light and creamy, and glides on easily. It's opaque with good coverage in one coat, and is reasonably non-drying and really comfortable on the lip. As the product dries down the golden sparkles become more apparent, which is a really fun added element. 

The packaging is so cute, in Sugarpills signature white with their signature dripping heart and cross, and it feels really nice in the hand. Lasting power is pretty good - it stayed on a lot better through my doughnut test, and I didn't feel the need to top it up afterwards. The fun thing about the golden sparkles is that even when the lip colour itself fades away slightly you are left with the sparkles on your lip - fooling the whole world into thinking you still have a lip colour on. Magic.

I would definitely recommend this if you want a product that is a slightly lighter pink, has good lasting power, and enjoy the added fun element of the golden sparkle.


Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick - Calabasas - £16

"Lightweight and long lasting, a lip colour that has all the bold style of its creator.
Innovatively formulated to offer stay all day, opaque colour, Velour Liquid Lipstick is the perfect way to create a flawless pout in minutes. Built upon the success of Jeffree Star himself, the impressive quick dry finish offers everything you want from a liquid lipstick and more, meaning you never have to settle for anything less than the best."

The priciest offering of them all, Jeffree Star is really known for two things - his incredible highlighters and his liquid lipsticks with their insane range of colours. I love that he offers products in so many different shades because I'm a huge fan of using colour as well as nudes, but for some reason - despite having shades upon shades to choose from - I still managed to select the dusky rose Calabasas. I've had my eye on it for a while now, and I'm so glad I finally got hold of it. 

The colour is the darkest of the bunch, and slightly more of a pinky red compared to the lighter, duskier Rebel Rose and the pinker Trinket. However, it's still a gorgeous colour and looks so good against my pale skin because it really is a 'my lips but better' shade like the other two. The formula is creamy and smooth, and applies like an absolute dream with the doe foot applicator. It dries down quickly and, whilst it is the most drying of the bunch, it still feels comfortable on the lip and has immense staying power.

Doughnut test? Forgot about it, and ran out of doughnuts. However, it did stay on during lunch without my needing to reapply, and I wore it for the entirety of Saturday at DragWorld without needing to top up. This stuff will cling to your lips better than Rose clung to Jack on that door. 

The packaging is gorgeous, with Jeffree's iconic hot pink component, and the rose gold detailing in the stars. You get slightly less for your money - 5.4ml for £16 compared to 6ml for £5 or £14 - but it's such a minute difference that you really can't tell. I would highly recommend this one if you want a slightly darker shade, or you want the insane staying power and don't mind a more drying formula. It's fully worth every penny.

Calabasas - JSC

Calabasas - JSC

Trinket - Sugarpill

Trinket - Sugarpill

Rebel Rose - wet n wild

Rebel Rose - wet n wild

Have you tried any of these lip colours or brands before?

Love, Cordelia