Jeffree Star Liquid Frost in 'Frostbite' - Review and Swatches

I’ve written so many ‘heavy’ things lately that I decided it was time for the old switcheroo and to focus on something a bit lighter and a bit more fun. And boy do I have a WONDERFUL product to review for you today.

Spoiler alert: It’s Jeffree Star. Second spoiler alert: it’s a review of his Liquid Frost liquid highlighters. I know. I know. The range is dreamy.

Jeffree Star is well known for two things: lips and highlight. (Well, I mean, he’s known for more. But I always associate his brand with liquid lips of rainbow colours and highlighter you can see from Mars). I’ve only just recently started trying out his formulas, and the liquid lips have blown me away. I’m also a MASSIVE fan of Jeffree Star’s ‘Blood Sugar’ palette, and you can read the review (with swatches) for that here.

So I was more than a little excited to see the launch of the new Liquid Frosts, and put in an order on BeautyBay almost as soon as they went on sale.

jstar liquid frost in hand.jpg

So what’s the deal?

“A metallic liquid highlighter.

Featuring an innovative, highly-concentrated formula, Jeffree Star’s Liquid Highlighter effortlessly delivers a luminous next-level glow. Wear alone or add to your favourite skincare products to create a radiant, glittery finish.”

Costing £23 for a 30ml bottle, there are a wide range of Liquid Frost shades available.

I went for ‘Frostbite’ because I am pale as you like and didn’t trust some of the darker shades, although looking at them again I think there are definitely ways to make all the shades work on different skin tones.

I definitely have my eye on Ice Queen and Frozen Peach when pay day next comes around!

jstar liquid frost dropper.jpg

Alright, but how do I wear it?

Frostbite is a gorgeous shade that looks like a pearlescent white in the bottle, and applies a similar colour. The pigmentation is incredible - it doesn’t immediately disappear, but it also sheers out like a dream and leaves behind a radiant glow that is the opposite of subtle.

I like to apply it on my cheekbones and up to my temple, on the end of my nose, and on my brow bone on the daily, and if I’m going out for the evening I will also dot it along my collarbone and down the decolletage, and a bit on the old shoulders.

Liquid Frost is a reasonably versatile product in that you can apply it anywhere you want and it will give you the most gorgeous highlight. It is a glittery highlight, so if you are a fan of a more subtle, lit from within glow like an RMS Luminizer type job, you will hate this. Facts are facts America.

The glitter is beautiful and tiny and sparkles like a dream, encompassing all the pink and green-y and silver shades. I honestly don’t have the words for how utterly gorgey it is.

Unblended, straight from the dropper

Unblended, straight from the dropper

Any last words on Frostbite?

It dries down fairly quickly and isn’t tacky to the touch, although nothing in life is transfer proof and you will inevitably get glitter on things. But c’est la vie. It’s a small price to pay for such a gorgeous liquid highlighter.

The packaging of the Liquid Frost itself is really nice. The bottle is a good size and made of a reinforced plastic that I thought was glass to begin with, with a slightly frosted finish. The name of the product is in a gorgeous holographic print, and the pink of the Jeffree Star logo matches the pink of the lid.

It’s easy to use too: shake the bottle, twist the cap up, pump a few times, and dot where required. Be CAREFUL - the tiniest bit goes the longest way, so add less liquid highlighter than you think and build up.



I tried to show how sparkly it is, but I just cannot do it justice!

I tried to show how sparkly it is, but I just cannot do it justice!

All in all, for a girl who barely wears liquid highlight and much prefers powder, this product is absolutely gorgeous. I would highly recommend it if you’re looking for some more unusual or golden highlight shades, and you’re after a real glow and absolutely do not want to be subtle about it!

Have you tried the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Liquid Frosts? Are you a fan of liquid highlighters?

Love, Cordelia