Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette || Review and Swatches

I have recently started dipping my toes into the cool waters of Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Beloved of so many people for the incredible formulas, I’ve yet to be let down by any of their products. I’ve tried liquid lips (see my review featuring one of them here), one of the newest Liquid Frosts, I am the proud owner of the Platinum Ice Skin Frost palette, and my most recent purchase was the perpetually sold out Blood Sugar palette.

I am obsessed.

I’d been lusting after it since the launch, but it was never in stock on BeautyBay, and I’m not willing to pay those US customs fees! But. Blood Sugar was entirely worth the wait, and in 600 words or less I shall tell you for why. (Disclaimer: I don’t actually know how many words this will be.)

jsc blood sugar outer.jpg

“An eighteen-colour eyeshadow palette.

Displayed in a luxurious red faux leather case, Blood Sugar Eyeshadow Palette contains a variety of matte, metallic and pressed glitter shades. Highly pigmented and effortlessly blendable, this striking palette can be used to create a range of wearable looks.”

I love the shades in this Blood Sugar palette. A mixture of browns, golds, reds, and pinks with some added purples for good luck, it’s definitely not for you if you mostly stick to neutral colours. There are not many neutral colours in this gorgeous 18 pan palette. The bolds are bold, and whilst the transition colours and golds are beautiful, they’re not worth the price tag. Which, by the way, is a slightly eye watering £46. I barely ever spend that much on just one palette, but this is worth every single penny if you will use every single shade.

jsc blood sugar shades.jpg

And truthfully, it’s on the bolder colours that this really comes alive. Red shadows are notoriously hard to get right, so for Jeffree Star Cosmetics to design a palette around a red colour scheme is a brave move - but it’s one that’s paid off well for them. Alongside the more neutral top row and the pinker middle row is a bottom row of shadows that contains three gorgeous red shades, along with three purples. And they are truly red.

The shadow named for the palette itself - Blood Sugar - is a truly deep blood red, and translates well onto the eye. I have genuinely never before found a red that works this well, although I believe Sugarpill do a good one, and it was a definite gap in my makeup collection. Even the red colour in my beloved Juvia’s Place palette translated more pink, and it was something I’d been looking for ever since drag queen Ophelia Love started using more reds in her looks. They are gorgeous, and I wanted it for myself!

jsc blood sugar.jpg

The packaging of the Blood Sugar is just as luxurious as you could ask for. Encased in a white shiny cardboard outer shell, the palette itself is a faux leather, almost briefcase style. This is not a palette for travel, I will warn you now. This is a chunky beast of a darling, and closes with two metal clasps. The only downside - other than the sheer size of it - is that it closes so well and is so airtight that opening it is a goddamned nightmare. But once inside, the luxury continues with a large mirror (that weirdly makes it great for taking on the go - I love an oxymoron), and the shadows themselves are nestled in more red faux leather. Just using the palette is a gorgeous experience, and I am totally in love. Is that weird? Probably.

jsc blood sugar top row.jpg

The top six shades are perfect transitional shades and base shades. Glucose is a matte white that is slightly patchy, but still usable to set white cream highlight and highlight the inner corner. Sugarcane is a gorgeous powdery pink matte that would work perfectly as an all over base colour for any look you would want to create with this palette.

Cake Mix is a darker orangy brown matte colour which makes for a great transitional colour or for blending into the crease. Ouch is a touch darker than Cake Mix, and is a gorgeous matte brown that plays nicely with it when you blend them together.

Donor is the first metallic colour, and is a gorgeous deep golden that I like to use on the lid, or blended beneath the lower lash line. Intravenous completes the top lineup, and is the darkest brown matte colour that is just divine for deepening any crease work and for blending into the outer edges for that smokey look.

jsc blood sugar middle row.jpg

The middle row starts to get more interesting, and features six bolder shades on the pink side.

Candy Floss is one of my favourite shades from the entire range and is, as the name suggests, a candy floss pink shimmer shade with insane pigment. Tongue pop is a salmon matte pink shade that truthfully I probably won’t reach for much, but would work as a transition shade if you didn’t want to use a brown.

Sweetener is again a good base shade or under the lower lash line, and is a peachy gold glitter. Cavity is a stunning hot pink matte and definitely not for the faint hearted, although would look gorgeous blended in the centre of the eye, or along the crease for a cut crease look.

O Positive is a more neutral mauve matte that again, is not something I usually reach for, but would work well as a transition with some of the more purple shades. Finally for the middle, Root Canal is a stunning bright purple matte shade.

jsc blood sugar bottom row.jpg

The red bottom row is where the true magic of Blood Sugar lies. Coma is a dark purple matte shade that would pair deliciously with Root Canal above, and it’s next door shade Extraction.

Extraction is more of a pared down berry matte, and would work wonders blended into the crease. Blood Sugar is the most gorgeous blood red glitter shade that I just want to smear all over my face and terrify the good people of London with.

Fresh Meat is a muted berry red matte that would work nicely as a base colour for the bright reds. Cherry Soda is a red matte shade that takes a bit of building, but is true to life and utterly divine. Finally, Prick is a bright red matte shade that is just crying out to be used this Halloween.

So that’s all the shades, but what of the quality I hear you cry? Well, you’ll be pleased to know - since if you’re me you just dropped the better half of a day's wages on the bloody thing - that the quality is delicious. Both the mattes and the shimmers are buttery and soft, the pigmentation is insane, and every shade blends like a dream.

It’s just an utter delight to use, and I really have no bad things to say about it. It’s just a lovely palette, and one I feel myself reaching for more and more.

jsc blood sugar pinterest actual.jpg

I highly recommend the Blood Sugar palette if the shades are up your alley and you have the money. It’s genuinely one of the nicest beauty purchases I’ve made recently, and I love it more than I have words to say.

Love, Cordelia