10 Things I'm Grateful For

Hello darlings, welcome back, welcome back. Make yourselves comfy, grab a blanket, pour a cup of tea. How do you take yours? I like mine strong, with a splash of milk. No sugar. Sugar in breakfast tea is absolute blasphemy. The only acceptable time is a spoonful of brown sugar (it must be brown, mind) in a cheap green tea. Cafe Nero, I’m looking at you here my darlings. Your gingerbread hot chocolate must be tasted to be believed, but your green tea game is dire.

I digress. It’s Friday! I genuinely thought Friday would never appear this week, but she’s here and she’s lovely. I’ve written some pretty heavy going posts this week, and I’m so thankful for anyone who has sat here with me and with their feelings and read those posts. I know they haven’t been easy, and I want you to make sure you take care of yourselves my darlings. Check in with your emotions, do a checklist. Do at least one thing this weekend for the sake of it, because it makes you happy or because it makes you laugh or just because you want to do it goddamnit. You don’t need a reason to do things.

HERR, me, Kate Butch - at a drag night last Friday

HERR, me, Kate Butch - at a drag night last Friday

I thought today’s post (because there’s no way I’m going to finish this lengthy whatsit I’m writing on where we draw the line with skincare and makeup dupes - if you have any thoughts, particularly on the new Aldi buys, leave your answers on a postcard below. Very interested in this topic currently) would be nice if it were a little more lighthearted. Looking on the delicious side of things rather than the dark side of things, because here on cordeliamoor.com we know how to get dark. We know how to sit with the darkness and be with the darkness and look straight into the heart of it, and then talk about it. Speak those feelings and that darkness out loud and know we’re not all alone, there are other people with a similar darkness and with similar feelings and that our words introduce a little bit of light back in.

Believe it or not, there are some very good things happening in my life. I don’t talk about them as much as I should, and so today it’s time to shine a spotlight on ten of the reasons I’m currently so grateful that my life is my life and I’m the one that gets to live it, even when the proverbial shit hits the proverbial fan and I would rather be anyone else, living anybody else’s life.

Without further ado, on with the show!

These are my lost boys, Mikey and Phills. I am their Wendy.

These are my lost boys, Mikey and Phills. I am their Wendy.

  • With fear of sounding utterly cheesy, my delightful group of friends.

I always wanted to find my tribe. I had a good tribe in the last couple years of secondary school, but as often happens in life we all scattered to various parts of the UK and grew apart slightly. Luckily, with the advent of the internet and this delightful thing we call social media, since moving to London I’ve been able to accumulate a new group of friends who are some of the best and most ridiculous people I have ever met in my life. I love them, and I’m so grateful for them.

Phills, Mikey, Jinx, Kelly, Alice, Cail, Leo, Max - this one mostly goes out to you. There are others, but you are the mcsquad of my dreams. I’m also grateful for the other people I’ve gotten to know since moving to London, but I’m not necessarily friends with all of them. They’re just great.

  • All the drag shows I’ll be attending over the next few months.

For some reason, over the past few weeks I’ve found myself attending at least one drag show a week, if not two. I’m not mad at it, but it is depleting my bank account considerably. However. I am so grateful that I get to attend some amazing shows with my friends, see amazing people, talk to amazing performers, and witness utter queer magic. It’s delightful. I never want it to end. I have a cabaret show this Saturday, Tuckshop again on Monday, and several Gals Aloud shows in the coming months. Amazing.

  • This blog, this little space on the internet that people seem to be connecting with and I will never have the words to express my gratitude for that.

I’ve tried my hand at blogging before, but never to much success. Whatever your definition of success is. I never had it. But this time around, I made it with the aim of talking only about things that I wanted to talk about, regardless of whether they were popular or not. Beauty, skincare, mental health, drag. And for some unknown reason, people have begun to respond really positively to my work, and I genuinely could not be more grateful for each and every person that reads my posts.

Me, Chiyo, and Mikey

Me, Chiyo, and Mikey

  • Audible, and more specifically the new version of Emma that is fully dramatised and gorgeous.

I love an audiobook. I find it so much easier to listen rather than read when I’m commuting, and I’ve gotten through a good amount of books this way. My newest download is Jane Austen’s Emma, which has been turned into an Audible Drama. Narrated by Emma Thompson with a full cast, it’s just amazing. It’s like a radio play, but with Jane Austen.

  1. Cher. CHER. Her newest album, with all the ABBA covers my gay little heart desires.

Yes it’s only come out today. But I’ve already listened to it about 5 times and on every listen the songs get better and better. I love Cher. I love ABBA. Cher covering ABBA is the best thing to happen this year, as far as I’m concerned. Highlights: Name Of The Game, Waterloo, and Chiquitita. Listen to it when you’re at work, and I dare you to try and not bop along.

It’s impossible. You will bop.

  • Spotify. Man, they do the best bloody classical playlists.

Schindlers List theme tune. The Epic Classical playlist. Space themed classical music. All fill my gay classical heart with so much joy. Listen on the bus for optimum commuting.

  • Drag, in general.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that drag changed my life. It gave me a whole new group of friends, it gave me a social life, it gives me reason to laugh when I think I can’t ever get out of bed again, it gives me the magical art that crosses all boundaries and deals with all topics. I love drag more than nearly anything else in the world, and it’s introduced me to some of the best people around. Chiyo, Ophelia Love, HERR, Kitty Scott Claus. Cheryl Hole, Kate Butch, Olympia Avalanche, Nova, Charmaine Diamond White, Rougie - just a selection of the incredible people I’ve had the privilege of meeting and seeing perform, and I will be forever grateful.

Mikey and I

Mikey and I

  • Autumnal fashion is back, bitches.

Layers. Mustard tones. Forest green jumpers. Boots with socks peeking over the top. Skirts and tights. Scarves. Teddy coats. GIVE ME EVERYTHING.


Nothing more to add, officer.

  • Cheese. Pringles. Quiche.

Cheese and pringles are my newest favourite snack. Together, they are a taste sensation. Alright, it’s a bit weird. But I’m grateful for them. And quiche. I love quiche.

What are you grateful for this week?

Love, Cordelia