Give Face Cosmetics Construction Palette || Review and Swatches

All hail the new reigning champion of the best palette ever: Give Face Cosmetics and the new Construction palette!

Sorry Blood Sugar, but your bulky packaging and extortionate pricing means that GFC have basically outdone you, without even needing to try. And I have a deep rooted love for Blood Sugar. Never thought I would stray. Thought we were in for the long haul. Till death do us part? Nah. Until cheaper and better cosmetics come along do us part.

Anyway. This is not a review about Blood Sugar. This is a long overdue review on Give Face Cosmetics and their stellar new offering. In fact, I must go back to the website and do a little haul because they definitely have some other new things in and my eye is completely off of the ball. For some reason towards the tail end of last year I stopped shopping GFC so much, and started shopping on BeautyBay more (damn Klarna) - but it’s still the best company for makeup for the prices that they charge, and how amazing their customer service is.

It’s basically daylight robbery, but you don’t go to jail and you do get amazing makeup out of it.

Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 09.58.43.png

Again, I have digressed. Give Face Cosmetics! They’re just about to run the third Face Race alongside All Drag Updates on Twitter, which is a fun twitter-based competition that involves people creating a new look around a theme every week for about five weeks, and there are amazing guest judges and it’s a fab time. I’ve dabbled in the last two, and had a lot of fun pushing my makeup skills.

All this to say - you should check out the Face Race and think about entering, and Give Face’s new palette offering is the perfect tool to be your companion throughout the duration. Or just, you know, a new eyeshadow palette to use whenever you wish. I don’t know what I’m saying at this point. If you need a new palette, or you just really enjoy collecting them, you need this one. That’s what I’m saying.

The best part about the Construction palette is that you choose the colour story. GFC have a selection of 48 pressed pigments for you to choose from - ranging from foiled shades to mattes to shimmers, and in all the colours of the rainbow that you could possibly desire - and all you have to do is pick 15. Now, unlike most ‘choose your own adventure’ palettes, you don’t then have to build it yourself. The GFC do all the hard work for you, so what you receive in the post is a completely ready to go eyeshadow palette, with your choice of shades inside.

My question is: why have no brands done this before? Yes I know it’s more work yada yada, but how many times have you gone ‘well, I do love most of the colours in this story, but I just can’t justify the palette because I would never use x, y, z’? I know I have done it more than once.

Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 09.57.44.png

God bless GFC for enabling us to build our own palette, but have to do absolutely no more work than that.

But. It is all very well and good having an excellent concept and amazing packaging. You can offer up all the shades you want and in any combination your customers hearts desire, but it all falls down if the product inside is a pile of shite. Luckily for GFC (and for us) the quality is as amazing as all their other offerings. In fact, the only product from GFC I can’t pass judgement on is the new matte lip colours, because I’ve never tried them. Everything else? Incredible. You aren’t going to get better product for the price anywhere. And I mean that with all sincerity.

Bottom to top: Rusty, Stalker, Taboo, Tickled, Valentine

Bottom to top: Rusty, Stalker, Taboo, Tickled, Valentine

For my first Construction palette (because believe me, I will be ordering more), I plumped for the shades:

  • Artifact - a foiled dark golden brown

  • Bewitched - a shimmery black so you can live out all those witchy fantasies

  • Boyo - a matte bright blue

  • Carat - foiled gold (don’t that sound expensive?)

  • Femme - a shimmery pale pink I ordered just for the name

  • Ludo - a matte yellow

  • Magnum - foiled copper (goddamn I love a foiled shadow)

  • Pitch - matte black that is anything but basic

  • Pop - a matte bright orange

  • Quicksilver - a foiled silver

  • Rusty - shimmery copper

  • Stalker -  matte red

  • Taboo - matte vintage red

  • Tickled - matte pink

  • Valentine - shimmery deep vintage red (yes I was seeing if it would stand up to Blood Sugar. Hence all the reds. I’m really into red at the moment.)

Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 09.58.29.png

Texture wise, all these shadows are gorgeous. I know the colour story I ordered totally doesn’t flow and makes no actual sense (half of the fun of it, if you ask me), but my aim was to fill some of the gaps in my current collection, try a range of colours, and try a range of finishes so I could report back and recommend with good faith.

You’ll be pleased to know I can give a cheerful ‘go forth and buy whichever shades your heart desires’ because all the finishes work really well, and there wasn’t a shade I wasn’t happy with.

The mattes are all delightfully pigmented and blend like a dream - I wore the reds with a pop of silver on NYE and my darling friend said she wouldn’t have known I wasn’t wearing a higher end eyeshadow. The yellow in particular is stunning. Not so bright that you would need sunglasses on to look at it, but bright enough that it doesn’t require much building up and is v easy to use. The only matte that takes a bit of work is Tickled, the matte pink - but that’s because it’s a light shade anyway, and is still relatively easy to use. They aren’t dry and dusty you’ll be pleased to know, and there’s little to no fallout. Apply with gusto, safe in the knowledge your foundation won’t be ruined. Well. Be a little careful. You never can know.

Bottom to top: Artifact, Bewitched, Boyo, Carat, Femme

Bottom to top: Artifact, Bewitched, Boyo, Carat, Femme

The shimmery shades, as tends to be the norm for most palettes, are a delight. Smooth and buttery, they apply well and wear nicely. Good pigmentation, pretty easy to blend, easy to apply with a fluffy brush in the crease or a flat brush on the lid. Bewitched makes the most gorgeous smokey eye because it elevates the normal pitch black colour to that next level with the sparkle. Honestly. Try it on your next night out. Glamour with barely any effort involved.


The foiled shades. Now this is where GFC have done the most incredible job. I love them all, but I have never developed quite such a quick, intense, deep rooted love as I did the first time I applied Quicksilver, a foiled silver shade. It is bright. It is lustrous. It is an absolute pain to apply and you do have to do this one before foundation. Although the fallout is so pretty and shimerry that most of the time I don’t bother cleaning up and just call it the look. I think it adds something, you might disagree. But that’s pretty standard with a foiled shade, because of the nature of the beast. Apply this with a wet packing brush or your finger over the centre of the lid for best results. Believe me, you will not be let down. It is insane.

Bottom to top: Ludo, Magnum, Pitch, Pop, Quicksilver

Bottom to top: Ludo, Magnum, Pitch, Pop, Quicksilver

Good quality. Good pricing. Good range of shade. Good ability to pick your own (nose). I genuinely think that this should be tbe palette of the year. It’s got everything you could possibly ask for. How many more hyperboles can I shoehorn into one review? Anyway. Get it.

It’s £24.95 on the Give Face Cosmetics website, making it a mere £1.60 per pan, and they often have discount codes and things on. Told you it’s well priced.


Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 09.59.01.png

What do you think of the Give Face Cosmetics Construction palette? Intrigued by being able to pick-your-own? Let me know in the comments below, or start a conversation over on twitter! You can find me at @cordeliamoor

Love, Cordelia