Why I'm Putting Myself On A No-Buy

It is not a big secret that I have a huge obsession with skincare. Giant. Gargantuan.

Good results are addictive, and wanting to constantly learn more and try more has lead to me spending an obscene amount of money on the stuff. I have got to pull back, because my one goal this year is to have moved out of my dads by the end of August.

And if I keep spunking money on skincare, I’m going to be trapped in my tiny bedroom for the rest of my life.

(I am well aware how dramatic I sound, but I can’t help it.) So things have got to change. I’ve spent a solid six - nine months now working on my skincare, figuring out what my skin likes and doesn’t like, and spending what feels like every waking hour researching new bits and new ingredients. I need to pull back, and focus on work and pitching for more freelance bits so I can save a good chunk of money.

London ain’t cheap, and whilst one day I will be able to buy all the skincare my little heart desires, right now isn’t that time. I’m also heading to Disney at the end of March, and planning a few weekend breaks in the UK and Europe, and so it’s time to be like a real adult and start budgeting. Honestly, if I added up what I’d spent on skincare alone this month, I would probably be a little bit sick. I’m not going to do that, because quite frankly I can hate myself enough without that extra help.

Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 11.03.35.png

So it’s time for a no-buy.

Time and time again I have put myself on a strict no-buy, only to cave three seconds later when I walk past Boots or M&S and nip in ‘just for a look’. It’s never just a look. I turn 23 in April, and I’m determined to start being more financially responsible.

The trouble for me, is I have my own brain working against me. A huge part of my BPD is struggling with impulsivity. This is not an excuse. I recognise my behaviour (usually afterwards), but it doesn’t change the fact that 99% of what I buy is on the spot, with no prior thought put in.

This is the cycle I need to break more than anything. I don’t know how, I know it’s not going to be easy, but I’m determined to stop impulse buying things I don’t even need. Stuff that I want, sure. But not stuff that I need. Break the impulse buying cycle, become more financially responsible, save up a good chunk of money, move out with friends. Simple? Hopefully.

This is mostly why I’m writing this blog post in the first place. I know me better than I know anyone else, and I know that holding myself accountable and knowing other people are going to know about my f**k-ups keeps me in a line a little bit more. It’s why I went to slimming groups when I was struggling with disordered eating, it’s why I spill my entire life story on the internet for all and sundry to see.

So. Ground rules.

From now, basically (pay day is next Wednesday, and I’m down in Devon all weekend), I limit my spending. I’m going to adopt the one out, one in rule.

This essentially means that I can only buy something (skincare, makeup, shoes, clothes) when something else is finished and needs to be replaced - and I don’t have another, similar item. Eg, if I finish up all my first balm and oil cleansers, then I can buy one to replace it. If I tear a massive hole in my tulle skirt and have to throw it, then I can buy a replacement.

The only things I will allow myself to buy (within reason) is food for lunches at work, travel to and from work, and drag shows. I’m not stopping going to shows for this no-buy because that just wouldn’t work. My whole social life revolves around drag, and so they are included in essential spending.

Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 09.58.29.png

I don’t want to really give myself too many other rules, because there’s just more potential to break them.

I’ve changed my lock screen and home screen to a Disney related screen to remind myself that I’m saving money for Disney, and I’m going to make a Pinterest vision board to remind myself that I have to move out this year for my own sanity. It’s going to be a lot of small reminders, mostly. A lot of not going into town after work, and not giving myself that opportunity to just nip into Boots.

Take away the temptation, and the impulse buying should stop slightly. I’m also going to delete all shopping apps from my phone, and set a hard rule that I can’t redownload them.

I think that’s it.

I’ll meet you guys back here at a similar time next month, and we’ll see how it’s going. I’ll try and record what I do buy - not the essentials, but anything that is impulse bought and anything bought under the one out, one in rule.


NO BUY.png

Wish me luck!

Love, Cordelia