General Life Update: The Disney Edition

I’m going to Disney!!


I can’t quite believe I’ve not actually mentioned it here yet because the trip has been booked for around twoish months now - but in fairness to me, a lot has happened in between that and now. And it’s been a while since I last sat down and chatted to you lot, so here we are.

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Toward the end of last year, I got chatting to my friend Micha (find her YouTube here) about doing a Disneyland Paris trip some time this year. I, despite my deep and enduring love for Disney, haven’t ever visited any of the parks, and Micha wanted to go back (and take someone who had never been before).

We thought maybe towards the end of the year, do an autumnal trip, wrap up in cosy knitted layers and drink hot beverages.

But life had a different plan.


Or, Micha did. There’s always different offers running on Disney packages, and Micha had spent a couple weeks back in January flitting around the website, trying different options to see what kind of prices were on offer.

We had no plans to actually take one of them up. It was more a ‘what sort of prices will we be looking at’ type affair. Until one evening, late in January, Micha messaged me.

‘I’ve found a really good deal, £600 each’.

We thought about it. We thought about it some more. We had a back and forth text conversation about what to do. Both of us knew we would end up taking it. And that’s exactly what we did!

One phone call later to iron out the details, and Micha had paid the deposit. We were to depart for Disney on the Eurostar on the 31st March. Otherwise known as just under two weeks! I have never been so excited for something to happen in my entire life.

I’ve dreamt of the day that I would finally get to go to Disney. I’ve spoken about it, lusted afar at people’s vlogs and blogs, and visited the Disney store on Oxford Street every time I’ve walked past. And now it’s finally happening.

Post-trip, I’ve a series of Disney blogs coming. How to do Disney on a budget, how to do Disney as a plus-size person, all the Disney goodness I could possibly cook up, accompanied by all the pictures.

I could not be more thrilled.

Micha and I have spent the past god knows how many weeks texting back and forth about Disney, figuring out exactly what we want to do and see, and planning our outfits. On the advice of Mich, I ordered two pairs of ears from Hannah Marie Magic back in February and I’m so excited to wear them!

Disney is exactly what I need right now, as you’ll find out.


Because with the high highs come the low lows. And thus, we reach the other ‘big’ announcement part of this little life update.

I am unemployed.

As many of you will have seen on Twitter (or I will have told you in person, because I’ve not shut up about it for the last two weeks), the company I was working with went under on the 28th February, and we were all made redundant.

I’ve done the crying and the wailing and the ‘why mes’. I’m over it. I, again, have a whole series of posts coming on being unemployed, and what to do should you be unexpectedly made redundant, and how to plan for it now should it happen further along the line. But before I do those, I want to be in a better position.

Job hunting is about as horrendous as you would expect.

I’ve, so far, sent my CV to over 60 different places as I try and get a job doing something similar to what I was doing (social media & copywriting), but to no avail. Right now, I’m getting my CV rewritten and changing tack.

If I can’t get a job as a writer right now, it’s time to look elsewhere whilst I get my degree. I’m hoping, ideally, to get a job on a skincare counter or in Space.NK. I spend all my time talking about and writing about skincare, I might as well get paid for it!

But when I’m in a better place and more ready to talk about what’s been going on, how hard it’s been, and how it’s affected my mental health, I will. Right now, I’m mostly in energy conservation mode, and doing bits for the blog. It’s definitely the thing keeping me sane.

General Life Update.png

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Other updates? My entire family are off to Australia on Saturday and I already miss them (despite not even living with them any more), and my friends have been so incredible.


  • Livia’s Dunx - genuinely the best snack in the world

  • Queer Eye - it’s back! I’ve sobbed at every episode

  • Tulle skirts - nothing makes me happier than wearing 300 yards of tulle and twirling

  • Amazing friends doing amazing & cool things - I got to see my friend’s 3rd year play last Thurs and it’s so cool to see my friends achieving great things

  • 3m iPhone charging cables - hello, charging your phone in bed with ease, for naps & other life activities

I thought I’d have to miss every show I wanted to go to in March, but my friends have truly rallied round and made it possible for me to get out the house. Which is great, because otherwise I’d be doing my best Miss Havisham impression right now, white dress and all.

And what’s new with the blog I hear you cry?

I’ve got a mailing list! Sign up below with your email to receive all sorts of fun bits and bobs, and it’ll ensure you never miss another one of my delightful posts. I promise not to bombard you or bore you. It’ll be worth it. I’ve all sorts of plans up my sleeves.

Mostly, they involve writing in a trello board ‘what value can I offer???!!!’. But I’ve figured it out, and I have so much I want to share with you.

I’ve also been thinking about the direction in which I want to take my content. I love writing about mental health & beauty & skincare, but I want to tweak it all a little bit. Start working towards making real change and being a proper advocate and working towards speaking gigs, as well as speaking out more about what it’s like to exist in the world as a fat lesbian.

Good then. We’re all updated. Meet you back here this time next month with another update. Who knows what might have happened by then!

Love, Cordelia

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